Paralegal Services Offered

Bankruptcy Paralegal Support

With an emphasis in the California Southern District, Lynch Legal Support contracts with Chapter 7 and 13 Consumer Bankruptcy attorneys to assist with case management, including but not limited to the following:
  • Intake and sweeping Due Diligence
  • Chapter 7 and 13 Schedules and Amendments
  • Means Test Analyses
  • Chapter 13 Plans, Objections Resolution, and Consultations
  • Motions, including case reopening, lien avoidance, incur new debt, sell property, plan modifications, etc.
  • Opposing motions for relief from stay, motions to dismiss and objections to plans
  • and otherwise managing Chapter 7 and 13 matters from inception to discharge.

We use Best Case© Bankruptcy Software, secure file sharing platforms and are experienced and skilled eFilers. Contact us for long term or as-needed support services.


Litigation Paralegal Support

California Civil Litigation support services are available, including but not limited:

  • Research
  • Law and motion drafting and opposition
  • Discovery, propounding and responding
  • Pleading formatting, including tables of contents and authorities
  • and eFiling.

Contact us to discuss potential projects.

Services are provided only to licensed attorneys in good standing. Services are not extended to unrepresented parties.


Jeannie A. Lynch, Owner-Paralegal
Lynch Legal Support

Contracting with licensed attorneys in compliance

with California Business & Professions Code §6450