Payment for outsourced paralegal services does not constitute“fee sharing”. 

Lynch Legal Support provides valuable paralegal support services which are outsourced rather than utilizing in-house staff.  It is the attorney's responsibility to pay for these services in the same manner he or she would pay other outsourced independent contractor services, e.g. court reporters, process servers, investigators, accountants, etc., none of which constitutes "fee sharing".


Bankruptcy Paralegal Support

Chapter 7 and 13 Consumer Bankruptcy support covers a wide range of services, including but not limited to schedules drafting, Chapter 13 Plan consulting and drafting, law and motion support and eFiling. Our expertise is in the California Southern District. Fees are based on tasks assigned, time devoted to thoroughly work up each matter, and the skill and experience brought to your team. Call us for a personalized quote. Services are not extended to unrepresented Debtors.


California Civil Litigation Paralegal Support

Litigation support services are based on tasks assigned and billed at prevailing hourly rates.

Please call us for a personalized quote and reputable references.


Jeannie A. Lynch, Owner-Paralegal

Lynch Legal Support

Contracting with licensed attorneys in compliance

with California Business & Professions Code §6450