"Truly the best in work quality, ethics, and industry.”

  LBM, Esq., Family Law/Civil Litigation Practice, Palm Desert, CA

From our Clients . . .

“With Jeannie’s assistance, we’ve set a new firm record of bankruptcy cases filed in one month, nearly doubling those filed in a typical month.”

TBG, Esq., Bankruptcy Practice, San Diego, CA




Litigation Paralegal Support

California Civil Litigation and Federal Litigation support services are available, including but not limited to research, motion work, discovery propounding/responding/motions, and eFiling. Contact us for long term or as-needed support services. Prevailing rates apply.

Nationwide Consumer Bankruptcy Paralegal Support

While emphasizing California Southern and Central Districts, Lynch Legal Support contracts with attorneys across the nation in effecting successful bankruptcy filings, assisting with law and motion work, and otherwise managing Chapter 7 and 13 matters from inception to discharge.

The proper completion of the bankruptcy petition is paramount to asserting and securing the rights to which debtors are entitled under the Bankruptcy Code.  Well trained and certified in the preparation of detailed petitions and utilizing multiple bankruptcy software platforms, Lynch Legal Support can assist you and your clients in gathering required personal and financial information toward completing the kind bankruptcy petition of which your clients are deserving and which will gain you the respect and appreciation of your Trustees. 



Jeannie A. Lynch, Owner-Paralegal

Contracting with licensed attorneys in compliance

with California Business & Professions Code §6450

DISCLAIMER:    Lynch Legal Support is a paralegal support service, not a law firm.  Lynch Legal Support does not provide legal support services directly to the public.  Paralegal support services are offered only to licensed attorneys in compliance with California Business & Professions Code §6450.