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  LBM, Esq., Family Law/Civil Litigation Practice, Palm Desert, CA

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“A gifted writer and excellent researcher, Jeannie’s authorities are always thorough and on point.  I don’t know how she does it so well so fast.”

VFM, Esq., Family Law Practice, West Lake Village, CA

Payment for outsourced paralegal support services does not constitute“fee sharing”. 

Lynch Legal Support provides valuable legal support services which are outsourced rather than utilizing in-house staff.  It is the attorney's responsibility to pay for these service expenses in the same manner he or she would pay for other outsourced independent contractor services, e.g. court reporters, process servers, investigators, accountants, etc.



Federal & California Civil Litigation Paralegal Support

Lynch Legal Support also offers paralegal litigation support attorneys, including research, motions, discovery, etcl., at current industry rates.  Please call for information on services and pricing.



Bankruptcy Paralegal Support

Lynch Legal Support offers experienced, knowledgeable, and trusted paralegal support with services ranging from petition preparation assistance to litigation support.  Fees are based on tasks assigned, time devoted to thoroughly work up each matter, and the skill and experience brought to your team. Bankruptcy Attorneys generally pay a customized flat rate for virtual paralegal services.  Flexible options include the ability to elect our full service offerings or limited specific bankruptcy services; fees are tailored to each attorney's needs. Fees for litigation support are approached on a case-by-case basis


Payment may be made monthly or upon tender of assignments to mitigate future payables. Specialized billing for volume work may be structured on a firm-by-firm basis.  In all cases, costs are predictable and in-line with the flow of case intake. 



Please contact us to discuss your needs and to obtain a personalized quote on the cost of our services.



Jeannie A. Lynch, Owner-Paralegal

Contracting with licensed attorneys in compliance

with California Business & Professions Code §6450

DISCLAIMER:    Lynch Legal Support is a paralegal support service, not a law firm.  Lynch Legal Support does not provide legal support services directly to the public.  Paralegal support services are offered only to licensed attorneys in compliance with California Business & Professions Code §6450.